Jimmy Johns In Clifton:
Stuff That Goes On All The Time

Ok, by now you've read the letter, the health reports and everything else.  What else could there possibly be?

For starters, some things you can only know if you've been working there.  Here is a few of those things:

The cutting boards and the surfaces underneath are cleaned once a day, as well as the pans that contain vegetables, meats and cheese in the make table.  This means the surface that every sandwich touches sits there for over 14 hours, uncleaned and unsanitized.

The bathrooms are frequently closed down early.  This is a violation of health codes.

Workers are unsupervised and not held acountable for their incompetence.  You can only imagine what kind of sanitary issues this causes.

Remember when you order a delivery, it may take forever to get it because your driver is hogging runs.

As a driver, you will be overworked with inside duties and unnecessary tasks, while management misses the real cleanliness issues, and at the same time, they are paying drivers less to do the same job as higher paid worker who they are getting rid off.

As a driver, you will be repeatedly screwed by lazy drivers (you may even get threatened by a druggie driver with a knife).

Most of the workers HATE the customers.  Customers are frequently treated with contempt. Seriously, this is enough to stay away, because you never know what they will do to you or your food.

Don't work there.  Are you considering it?  Remember, you're going to be subjected to an enormously negative environment, not to mention the enormously negative environment (redundancy intended).

Unless, of course, you are already self loathing and hate customers.  You'll fit right in.

Has any of this changed at Jimmy Johns?  It is because of this site, and nothing else.

Don't say I didn't warn you.